Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting Geared Up For a SUCCESSFUL Holiday Season!

It's crunch time friends! I've sent out emails, filled out application for shows for next year, taken pictures for juried shows, and next week I'm hitting the pavement locally to visit salons and bridal boutiques. Since real estate has squealed to a halt for the most part, (yes, I'm a Realtor, too), I'm putting my head to the grindstone to market my wearable artistic designs!I have bills to pay from my daughter's college tuition, to paying off my medical bills, to paying everyday living expenses. I know everyone is paying the price, but I am determined to not sit there and take it. I have got to do something to make this work.
The politicians say, "We're not in a recession." I beg to differ and have for some time. Maybe "they'" are not feeling the recession, but the middle class IS. You can be sure they've had the extra cash flow to save up, but not the working class. Most of us live hand to mouth, trying to make a better life and future for our kids. They have got to see that it's not all about them. I HATE politics and always have, and I'm sick and tired of them trash talking each other. It's not helping them win my confidence in them and my vote. I think the American people, the regular "Joe Schmoe's" of this great country, deserve better. We have suffered long enough. OK, enough of my rambling! I just can't see how any of them will get anywhere in office if they can't get the backing of the House and Senate. They can make all the promises they want. Let's see once they get into office who will make their promises come true. This Country needs it NOW!
I didn't mean to go off on a tangent, but when I see people struggling, losing their homes, (and I've seen it first hand, especially in my business), people divorcing because of money matters, people unable to find work because companies can't afford to hire, companies closing their doors because they can't pay their bills, I become very frustrated, angry, and disappointed in our political system allowing this to occur to people in this great nation who help keep this country strong. I am feeling it personally, too, and when it effects my children and family I get MAD and want to go to Washington and tell these idiots to get their heads out of their butts, or get off of their pedestals and look to who put their behinds in those offices. I want to tell them to grow up, to start thinking about the little guy, yea us down here, the hard working middle class, who are paying for your fancy airplanes, trips and parties. We're paying your bills, while you piss all over us. OK, I did it again! Sorry.
I'll stop before I start a new paragraph and get myself into trouble again!
My blog wasn't going to be about that "junk." I was going to make it a positive place for people to come and enjoy and view my work, (and maybe even sell a few pieces!)
Until next time!
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ChezChani said...

I admire your pro-active attitude. I have to find that in myself I suppose. Best of luck!

Chokingonstatic Design said...

Tag! You're It!